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Leopard Series
Application: Water bottles, edible oil bottles, medicine bottles, beverage bottles, condiments, cosmetics, etc…

  The champion in small and medium sized PET production lines 

  Productivity increased by 20%

  Electricity consumption reduced by 30%

  Gas consumption conservation up to 50%

*As compared to previous generation models

More Intelligent, Higher Production Capacity, Lower Cost

◇ Higher Production Capacity, Smaller Machine
    Fully electric models for high-speed and stable operation, precise positioning, bottom mold connection for precise control of preform forming, allowing 6-cavity production capacity to reach up to 15,600bph, while also reducing the machine size by 20%.
◇ More Intelligent And Efficient Production Equipment
    This automatic smart production equipment can reduce manual operations to a minimum, while its smart designs ensure uninterrupted and more efficient production at the same time, including multiple security devices to ensure smooth preform infeed for continuous production without interruption, and efficient transfer system, heating system for lower energy consumption and pollution.
◇ Heating System with 20% Higher Efficiency
    The enhanced high-power heating lamp has a 20% increased heating efficiency, and is equipped with cooling devices to prevent neck deformation. The new generation heating oven is designed for easy lamp replacement.
◇ Easy Maintenance Structure
    Spindle system adopts right-side up heating, which provides less moving parts comparing to flip-type design. This gives less chance for component failure and machine down time.
he optimized machine structure is more easily maintained than before, effectively reducing maintenance and parts replacement costs.
◇ Lower Production Costs
    The upgraded air recovery system can save up to 50% gas consumption as compared to previous generation models. When combined with the upgraded heating efficiency, the electricity consumption of the machines is greatly reduced by 30%, significantly lowering production costs.

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